Shull Family Updates - Westwood Roxboro

Oct 31, 2017

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Welcome to the official Shull Family Updates page of Central Baptist Church! Here, you will find comprehensive details about the Shull Family, their activities, and their involvement within the Westwood Roxboro community.

Who is the Shull Family?

The Shull Family is an integral part of Central Baptist Church, an active member of the Westwood Roxboro community, and a group of individuals driven by faith and love for one another. Led by Pastor John Shull and his lovely wife, Mary Shull, the family aims to spread joy, compassion, and unity.

Events and Achievements

Discover the latest events and achievements of the Shull Family at Central Baptist Church. They actively participate in various community-oriented activities, uplifting projects, and charity drives. By staying connected, you'll be able to join them in making a positive impact.

Annual Charity Drive

One of the highlights of the Shull Family's calendar is the annual charity drive. Their unwavering commitment to serving those in need has made a significant impact on countless lives within the Westwood Roxboro community. Be a part of this meaningful endeavor by contributing your time, resources, or donations.

Community Outreach Programs

Through Central Baptist Church's community outreach programs, the Shull Family actively engages with local schools, shelters, and organizations. Hear inspirational stories of their interactions with the less fortunate, and witness the transformative power of compassion in action.

Family-Friendly Events

The Shull Family believes in strengthening the community through family-friendly events that foster unity and celebrate life. Join them for picnics, game nights, and seasonal festivities where you can connect with fellow community members and create lasting memories.

Community Involvement

The Shull Family's commitment to the Westwood Roxboro community extends beyond church-related activities. They actively support local schools, businesses, and civic organizations to build a strong and unified community. Discover the initiatives they spearhead and the positive impact they create.

Education and Youth Empowerment

Aware of the importance of education and the potential it holds, the Shull Family invests heavily in empowering the youth of Westwood Roxboro. Through scholarship programs, mentoring, and advocacy, they strive to create a brighter future for the younger generation.

Supporting Local Businesses

The Shull Family understands the vital role that local businesses play in fostering economic growth. They actively promote shopping local and highlight the contributions of small business owners within the community. Discover their recommended local establishments and support the Westwood Roxboro economy.

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The Shull Family's dedication to faith, community, and unity is truly inspiring. Through their various initiatives, events, and involvement in the Westwood Roxboro community, they aim to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals from all walks of life. Stay connected to their updates, events, and achievements to be part of this transformative journey.

Jean-Claude Berger
The Shulls fit right in!
Nov 11, 2023
The Shull Family is a wonderful addition to our community! 👪
Oct 13, 2023