Feast of St. Raphael of Brooklyn

Sep 9, 2022

Join Us in Celebrating the Life of St. Raphael

Central Baptist Church invites you to join us in celebrating and commemorating the Feast of St. Raphael of Brooklyn. This special occasion holds great significance in the Christian faith, particularly for the Orthodox community. As the first Orthodox bishop consecrated in the United States, St. Raphael has left an indelible mark on the history and development of Christianity in America.

A Brief History

Born in Syria on November 20, 1860, St. Raphael Hawaweeny emigrated to the United States in 1895. He became a prominent figure within the Orthodox Church and laid the foundation for the growth and establishment of Orthodox communities throughout the country.

Traditions and Customs

The Feast of St. Raphael serves as a time of reflection, gratitude, and spiritual renewal. Orthodox Christians honor St. Raphael's memory through various customs and traditions that have been passed down through generations. During this feast, prayers, hymns, and readings from holy scriptures resonate within the walls of the church, connecting believers with the life and teachings of St. Raphael.

Importance in the Orthodox Faith

St. Raphael's endeavors and commitment to spreading the Orthodox faith have left an enduring impact on the Orthodox community in the United States. As the first bishop consecrated on American soil, he established a strong foundation for the growth of Orthodoxy in this country. St. Raphael's legacy continues to inspire and guide believers, emphasizing the importance of faith, unity, and love for one another.

Public Celebrations and Services

Central Baptist Church, along with various Orthodox churches nationwide, holds special services and events in honor of the Feast of St. Raphael. These gatherings provide a space for collective worship, fellowship, and the sharing of stories and experiences related to St. Raphael's life. It is also an opportunity to embrace the vibrant cultural heritage preserved within the Orthodox faith.

Key Learnings and Teachings

St. Raphael's life serves as an inspiration for all, regardless of religious affiliation. His dedication to the Orthodox faith, community building, and education exemplifies the values of love, compassion, and service. By studying his life and teachings, we can gain wisdom to navigate the complexities of our modern world and strengthen our own spiritual journeys.

Join Us in This Joyous Celebration

Central Baptist Church welcomes you to participate in the Feast of St. Raphael of Brooklyn. Let us come together, united in faith and respect for our shared spiritual heritage. Through prayers, contemplation, and the embrace of each other's unique perspectives, we can honor St. Raphael and strive towards a more peaceful and harmonious world.


The Feast of St. Raphael of Brooklyn holds great significance in the Orthodox Christian faith and provides believers with an opportunity to celebrate, reflect, and deepen their understanding of St. Raphael's life and teachings. Central Baptist Church extends an open invitation to all individuals, regardless of their faith background, to join us in commemorating this joyous occasion. Let us come together in unity, love, and gratitude as we honor the legacy of St. Raphael of Brooklyn.