Covid Protocols and Masking

Sep 5, 2018


Welcome to Central Baptist Church's Covid Protocols and Masking page! As part of our commitment to serving our community in a safe and responsible manner, we have implemented comprehensive measures to mitigate the risks associated with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We prioritize the well-being of our congregation, visitors, and staff, and aim to provide a secure environment for everyone who attends our services and events.

Our Commitment to Safety

At Central Baptist Church, we proactively follow the guidance and recommendations of public health authorities and local regulations to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We have implemented a range of safety protocols that include enhanced cleaning measures, physical distancing requirements, and the mandatory use of face masks or coverings.

Enhanced Cleaning Measures

We have significantly increased the frequency and thoroughness of our cleaning procedures across our premises. Our dedicated cleaning staff follows strict protocols using effective disinfectants on surfaces, door handles, seating areas, and frequently-touched objects. This ensures that our facilities remain clean and hygienic, minimizing the risk of virus transmission.

Physical Distancing Requirements

To maintain physical distancing, we have rearranged seating areas in our sanctuary, fellowship halls, and other gathering spaces. Markers and signage are placed throughout the premises to guide attendees and ensure proper distancing between individuals or family units. We kindly ask all visitors to adhere to these requirements for the safety and comfort of everyone present.

Mandatory Masking

As an additional precautionary measure, we require all individuals aged two and above to wear face masks or coverings while on our premises. Masks play a crucial role in reducing the risk of respiratory droplet transmission and help protect both the wearer and others around them. We kindly request that all visitors come prepared with their masks, but we do have a limited supply available for those who may forget.

Safeguarding Worship Experiences

At Central Baptist Church, we believe that worship fosters spiritual growth and deepens our connection with God. However, we understand the importance of adapting our traditional practices to ensure the health and well-being of our community.

In-Person Services

We offer in-person worship services, which are conducted in accordance with local guidelines. Our seating arrangements allow for physical distancing, and we have implemented measures such as revised capacity limits and staggered service times to ensure a safe environment. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early to allow for proper check-in procedures and seating.

Virtual Services

For those who are unable to join us physically or prefer to participate remotely, we provide virtual worship services livestreamed through our website. This allows us to extend our reach to those who may be at higher risk or prefer the convenience of attending from their homes. You can join us virtually and still feel connected to the Central Baptist Church community.

Ensuring a Welcoming Environment

In addition to our safety protocols, we strive to maintain our warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted changes, but it hasn't dampened our spirit of unity and fellowship.

Supportive Community

During these challenging times, Central Baptist Church remains dedicated to supporting one another. We encourage our congregation and visitors to stay connected through online platforms, phone calls, and socially distanced events. We understand that the pandemic has affected individuals differently, and we are here to provide care, spiritual guidance, and support when needed.

Education and Resources

We are committed to keeping our congregation well-informed and equipped with accurate information about Covid-19. We regularly communicate updates, guidelines, and relevant resources through our website, email newsletters, and social media channels. Our goal is to empower individuals to make informed decisions and take actions that prioritize their health and safety.


Central Baptist Church takes the health and safety of our community seriously. Our comprehensive Covid protocols and masking measures allow us to worship together, while minimizing the risks associated with the ongoing pandemic. Whether you choose to join us for in-person services or virtually, we look forward to welcoming you and providing a safe environment for worship, reflection, and connection. Together, let's navigate these challenging times and emerge stronger, united in faith and love.

Doug Liles
Appreciate the steps taken by Central Baptist Church to prioritize safety during these challenging times. 🙌
Nov 8, 2023
Pamela Philpot
Great measures! Ensuring safety for all at Central Baptist Church during these challenging times.
Oct 13, 2023