Episcopal Night at the Dodgers

Dec 14, 2020

Join Central Baptist Church for a Memorable Evening

Central Baptist Church invites you to join us for an unforgettable Episcopal Night at the Dodgers. This special event combines our faith and beliefs with America's favorite pastime, creating a unique experience for our community. Whether you're a baseball fan, a follower of the Episcopal faith, or simply seeking a night of fun with loved ones, this event is perfect for you.

A Fun-Filled Evening for the Whole Family

This Episcopal Night at the Dodgers promises to be an engaging and entertaining experience for the whole family. From the moment you step into Dodger Stadium, you'll feel the vibrant energy and camaraderie among fellow attendees. Enjoy the exciting atmosphere as we come together to celebrate our shared values.

Activities and Highlights

As you explore the stadium, you'll encounter numerous activities and highlights that make this event truly special:

Special Pre-Game Gathering

Before the game, Central Baptist Church will host a special pre-game gathering exclusively for our community. This is a great opportunity to connect with fellow Episcopalians, strengthen our bond, and share meaningful conversations.

Inspiring Guest Speakers

We are honored to welcome renowned guest speakers who will share their insights on the intersection of faith and community. Their inspiring words will uplift and remind us of the importance of faith in our lives.

Group Seating

To further enhance the sense of unity and togetherness, we have secured a block of seats exclusively for Central Baptist Church attendees. Enjoy the game while being surrounded by your fellow church members, creating lasting memories together.

Unique Giveaways

As a token of appreciation for your attendance, we have prepared unique giveaways exclusively for Episcopal Night attendees. You'll receive a limited edition commemorative item that will serve as a reminder of this memorable event and our shared faith.

How to Participate

Participating in Episcopal Night at the Dodgers is easy. Simply visit our website, cbclawton.com, and navigate to the "Blog" section. You'll find detailed information about the event, including registration details, ticket prices, and how to secure your spot.

Supporting Faith and Beliefs

Episcopal Night at the Dodgers not only offers an evening of joy and entertainment but also allows us to support and promote our shared faith and beliefs. By attending this event, you're contributing to the growth and impact of Central Baptist Church in our community.

Experience the Power of Community

As a member of Central Baptist Church, we emphasize the importance of community and togetherness. Episcopal Night at the Dodgers embodies these values, bringing us closer as we unite in fellowship, faith, and the love for the game.

Secure Your Spot Today

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of Episcopal Night at the Dodgers. Visit our website, cbclawton.com, and reserve your spot now. Join us for an evening of faith, baseball, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Robbie Schultz
πŸ™Œ Can't wait to enjoy faith and baseball together at Episcopal Night at the Dodgers! βšΎοΈπŸ™
Nov 12, 2023
Kathleen Keenan
Sounds like a great way to bring faith and baseball together!
Oct 6, 2023