Worship Services - Norman

Oct 15, 2022

Join Our Vibrant Faith Community at Central Baptist Church

Welcome to Central Baptist Church's Worship Services in Norman! We are thrilled to invite you to join our vibrant faith community, where worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth come together to create a powerful and fulfilling experience.

Discover Meaningful Worship Experiences

At Central Baptist Church, we understand the importance of worship in connecting with God and nurturing our faith. That's why we offer a diverse range of worship services tailored to different age groups and preferences.

Morning Worship Service

Our Morning Worship Service is a cornerstone of our faith community. Held every Sunday at 10:00 AM, it brings together individuals and families to worship, learn, and grow together. Led by our dedicated pastoral team, this service offers a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs, accompanied by inspiring messages that provide guidance and encouragement in our day-to-day lives.

Youth Worship Service

We believe in the spiritual development of our youth, and our Youth Worship Service caters specifically to young individuals seeking a vibrant and engaging worship experience. Designed to connect with the unique needs and interests of teenagers, this service combines contemporary music, impactful messages, and interactive activities to inspire a deep and genuine faith.

Evening Worship Service

For those seeking a more reflective and intimate atmosphere, our Evening Worship Service offers a peaceful sanctuary to draw closer to God. Held every Sunday at 6:00 PM, this service features contemplative worship music, moments of shared silence, and thought-provoking sermons that encourage personal reflection and spiritual growth.

Midweek Worship Service

In addition to our Sunday services, we also offer a Midweek Worship Service on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. This service provides a refreshing midweek spiritual boost, offering a brief moment of respite from the busyness of life. Whether you are seeking encouragement or seeking answers, our Midweek Worship Service provides a supportive environment to explore your faith and connect with like-minded individuals.

Experience the Power of Fellowship

At Central Baptist Church, we believe in the transformative power of fellowship. Beyond our worship services, we offer various programs and events that foster a strong sense of community and connection.

Small Group Gatherings

Our small group gatherings allow members to develop deeper relationships with one another in a more intimate setting. These groups engage in Bible study, prayer, and mutual support, providing a space for personal growth and connection with fellow believers.

Sunday School Classes

Our Sunday School classes provide a welcoming and educational environment for individuals of all ages. From toddlers to senior adults, these classes offer age-appropriate teachings, interactive discussions, and opportunities for spiritual growth.

Community Outreach Programs

Central Baptist Church is deeply committed to serving our community. We believe in the importance of showing God's love through acts of service and compassion. Join our community outreach programs and make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Grow Spiritually through Enriching Activities

Discover a range of enriching activities at Central Baptist Church that will deepen your faith and help you grow spiritually.

Bible Studies and Discipleship Programs

Participate in our Bible studies and discipleship programs to delve deeper into God's Word and develop a stronger understanding of the Christian faith. These programs enable personal growth, equip individuals for ministry, and empower discipleship.

Prayer Meetings and Retreats

Experience the transformative power of prayer through our regular prayer meetings and retreats. These gatherings provide an opportunity to seek God's guidance, find solace, and connect with others who share a similar devotion to prayer.

Special Events and Revival Services

Throughout the year, Central Baptist Church organizes special events and revival services that create an atmosphere of celebration, renewal, and spiritual awakening. Join us for these inspiring gatherings that often feature renowned speakers, dynamic worship, and opportunities for personal revival.

Visit Central Baptist Church's Worship Services in Norman Today

Central Baptist Church welcomes individuals from all walks of life to experience the power of worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. Our diverse range of worship services, combined with our commitment to nurturing a supportive faith community, makes us a valuable resource for individuals seeking a deep and vibrant connection with God.

Plan your visit to Central Baptist Church's Worship Services in Norman today and discover the transformative experience that awaits you. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms.

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I'm so excited to join Central Baptist Church in Norman for their vibrant worship services. Can't wait to experience the spiritual growth and meaningful fellowship!
Oct 12, 2023