Resources — Covenant Baptist Church

Jul 10, 2023

Bible Study Guides

Explore the depths of Scripture with our diverse collection of Bible study guides. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Bible scholar, our guides offer unique insights, historical context, and practical applications that can deepen your understanding of God's Word.

Sermons and Podcasts

Listen to powerful sermons and engaging podcasts delivered by our talented pastors and guest speakers. Our sermons cover a wide range of topics, providing thoughtful and thought-provoking messages rooted in biblical teachings. Tune in regularly to stay inspired, encouraged, and connected to God's Word.

Inspiring Articles

Read our compelling collection of articles that tackle important spiritual topics and offer practical advice for daily living. From personal testimonies to theological insights, our articles aim to encourage and empower individuals on their faith journey.

Prayer Resources

Access a variety of prayer resources to assist you in developing and strengthening your prayer life. This includes guides on different prayer techniques, prayer journals, and access to online prayer groups where you can join others in lifting up your requests to God.

Community Outreach

Get involved in our community outreach programs and make a positive impact in the lives of others. We believe in serving our community and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Join our efforts in providing food drives, clothing donations, and volunteering opportunities to help those in need.

Online Courses and Workshops

Expand your knowledge of the Bible and grow in your faith through our online courses and workshops. Designed to cater to different learning styles and preferences, these courses cover various aspects of theology, spirituality, and Christian living. Engage in interactive discussions, gain insights from experienced instructors, and connect with fellow learners.

Children and Youth Resources

We understand the importance of nurturing the spiritual growth of children and youth. Find a wide range of age-appropriate resources, including Sunday school materials, Bible stories, and activities, to help young ones develop a strong foundation in their faith.

Mission Trips and Travel Resources

Engage in transformative experiences by joining our mission trips and accessing our travel resources. Experience firsthand the joy of serving communities across the globe and witnessing God's work in different cultures. Additionally, find practical travel tips, recommended destinations for spiritual retreats, and more.

Music and Worship

Discover the power of music and worship in deepening your connection with God. Explore our collection of uplifting worship songs, hymns, and resources that can enhance your personal worship experience and inspire you to live a life of praise and adoration.

Parenting and Family Resources

Find guidance and support in your journey as a parent or guardian. Our resources offer practical insights, biblical principles, and helpful tips to help you navigate the joys and challenges of raising a family rooted in faith.

Bookstore and Recommended Reading

Explore our recommended reading list and bookstore, where you can find a carefully curated selection of books that cover a wide range of Christian topics. From spiritual growth and discipleship to theology and apologetics, these resources can equip you with knowledge and wisdom as you seek to grow closer to God.


Covenant Baptist Church strives to provide a comprehensive array of resources that cater to the spiritual needs of our community. We believe in the transformative power of God's Word and aim to inspire, educate, and guide individuals on their faith journey. Access our wide range of resources and experience the richness of our faith community. Let us come together, grow in faith, and impact the world around us for the glory of God.