About US

Our Identity

We are a Christ-centered local church that seeks to live for the glory of our Triune God in all things.

Our Distinctives

We are a confessional Reformed Baptist church. This simply means that we hold to Reformed theology, Baptist distinctives, and subscribe to The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.

As such, we hold strongly to:

  • The five solas of the Reformation
  • The historic creeds of the Christian faith
  • The doctrines of grace
  • The regulative principle of worship

More info: “What is a Reformed Baptist?”

Our Goal

Our goal as a church is to live in covenant commitment together for the glory of God by:

  • Meeting together regularly and joyfully to worship Him in spirit in truth.
  • Benefitting spiritually from the preached Word and ordinances, administered by gifted ministers whom Christ has given to His church (Eph. 4:10-13).
  • As the overflow of this, living our everyday lives in a way that reflects to the world around us the beauty and glory of the gospel of Christ, both in our good works and our gospel witness.

Our Beginnings

We are a young church plant which started meeting in September 2015 and organized as a church one year later.1

Our desire is to further grow both in grace and in number in the Lord’s time, and to have a plurality of elders, which we see as the New Testament norm for each church.

Our Pastor

David Bane planted this church and has been pastoring here since 2015. David and Lydia have been married since 2010, and they have three children: Rob, Chloe, and Ben. (More info at David's personal website, gospelfuel.com).

Lydia, Ben, Rob, Chloe, & David

Lydia, Ben, Rob, Chloe, & David

Since 2007 he has ministered alongside pastors, missionaries, and church planters abroad and among the tribes of North America. He has a heart for the edification of Christ’s church and the evangelization of all peoples.

He graduated from Bible college in 2007 (B.A. in Pastoral Studies) and is currently studying at IRBS Theological Seminary.

[1] Note: We were originally called Lawton Indian Baptist Church, but later changed our name to Covenant Baptist Church as explained here.