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Sep 26, 2020

Welcome to Grace Students

As a part of Central Baptist Church's commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of all members, we are proud to introduce Grace Students - the vibrant youth ministry of Grace Fellowship Church. With a mission to empower young individuals to grow in their faith and engage with the community, Grace Students offers a rich and comprehensive range of programs and activities tailored specifically for teenagers and young adults.

Building Faith and Relationships

At Grace Students, we believe in creating an environment where young people can deepen their relationship with God and build strong, meaningful relationships with each other. Through engaging Bible studies, inspiring worship gatherings, and dynamic fellowship opportunities, we strive to equip our students with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of their daily lives while remaining rooted in their faith.

A Welcoming Community

In this fast-paced world, it's crucial for young individuals to have a supportive community that understands their unique struggles and aspirations. Grace Students is proud to foster a welcoming and inclusive space in which teenagers and young adults from all walks of life can come together, support one another, and belong to something greater than themselves. Here, everyone is welcome, regardless of their background or past experiences.

Comprehensive Youth Programs

Our range of youth programs caters to the diverse needs and interests of our students. From dynamic worship nights and inspiring guest speakers to fun-filled retreats and engaging service projects, Grace Students offers a variety of opportunities for young individuals to explore, connect, and grow. Our dedicated team of mentors and volunteers are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment, ensuring that every student feels valued, loved, and heard.

Cultivating Leadership and Service

As we believe in the potential and unique gifts of each young person, Grace Students actively encourages leadership development and service-oriented initiatives. Through leadership training workshops, mission trips, and involvement in community projects, we aim to empower our students to make a positive impact in their schools, neighborhoods, and beyond. We believe that by serving others wholeheartedly, they can find fulfillment and purpose in their lives.

Get Involved with Grace Students

Join us at Grace Students and embark on an incredible journey of faith, friendship, and personal growth. Whether you're a teenager seeking a community to belong to or a parent looking for a youth ministry that aligns with your values, we invite you to come and experience the warmth, joy, and transformation that Grace Students offers. Connect with us today and discover the countless opportunities waiting for you.

  • Engaging Bible studies
  • Inspiring worship gatherings
  • Dynamic fellowship opportunities
  • Fun-filled retreats
  • Service-oriented initiatives
  • Leadership training workshops
  • Mission trips
  • Involvement in community projects

Grace Students - Empowering young individuals to grow in their faith and engage with the community.

Central Baptist Church - A vibrant community committed to nurturing the spiritual growth of all members.

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Paul Hammersmith
Looking forward to joining Grace Students! 🙌🎉
Oct 6, 2023