The Life of Our Holy Father, St. John of Damascus

Mar 14, 2021

Welcome to Central Baptist Church's page dedicated to the extraordinary life of St. John of Damascus, a revered figure in the Christian faith. In this comprehensive guide, we invite you to delve into the remarkable journey of St. John, an influential theologian, hymn writer, and defender of icons.

Early Life and Background

St. John of Damascus, also known as St. John Damascene, was born in the city of Damascus, Syria to a prominent Christian family during the eighth century. His father, Sergius Mansur, served as the chief financial officer for the Umayyad Caliphate, granting him considerable influence and affluence within the empire. As a result, St. John grew up in a privileged environment, exposed to a rich tapestry of intellectual and cultural experiences.

Education and Spiritual Awakening

From an early age, it became evident that St. John possessed exceptional intellectual capabilities. His father, recognizing his son's potential, provided him with the best education available during that time. St. John studied under various renowned scholars, delving deeply into philosophy, theology, and classical literature.

It was during his formative years that St. John began to develop a sincere longing for spiritual enlightenment. Influenced by his devout mother, St. John sought guidance from the wise monks of St. Sabbas Monastery near Jerusalem, embarking on a transformative spiritual journey that would shape the course of his life.

Contributions to Theology and Writing

St. John's intellectual prowess and unwavering devotion to the Christian faith propelled him to become an influential theologian and prolific writer. His most notable work, "Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith," became a cornerstone of Eastern Orthodox theology and a valuable resource for scholars across generations.

In this comprehensive treatise, St. John passionately expounded upon Christian doctrine, addressing key theological concepts such as the Trinity, the Incarnation, and the veneration of icons. His writings served as a spiritual compass, solidifying the Orthodox Church's teachings and defending it against heretical movements.

Hymnography and Liturgical Influence

St. John of Damascus expressed his deep devotion to God not only through his theological writings but also through hymnography. His numerous hymns, such as "Come, Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain" and "The Day of Resurrection," continue to be sung by Christian congregations worldwide, instilling a sense of reverence and praise.

Furthermore, St. John's contributions to the development of liturgical practices have left an indelible mark on the worship traditions of many Christian denominations. His liturgical compositions, including canons, kontakia, and troparia, reflect a profound understanding of Scripture and the desire to inspire a closer connection with God.

Iconography and Iconoclasm Controversy

One of the most significant chapters in St. John's life involved his unwavering defense of icons during the Iconoclasm controversy. This theological dispute, which lasted for several centuries, centered around the veneration of religious images in the Byzantine Empire.

St. John vehemently opposed the Iconoclasts and fervently defended the use of icons as aids to worship and devotion. In his notable work, "Three Treatises on the Divine Images," he eloquently argued for the legitimacy of icon veneration, emphasizing the distinction between veneration and idolatry.

Legacy and Canonization

St. John of Damascus' tireless efforts and profound contributions to the Christian faith secured his place in history as a revered saint. His unwavering commitment to orthodoxy, his profound theological insights, and his dedication to worship through hymnography and iconography continue to inspire countless individuals in their spiritual journeys today.

In recognition of his divine wisdom and immense impact, St. John of Damascus was canonized as a saint by the Orthodox Church and his feast day is celebrated on December 4th.


Central Baptist Church celebrates the remarkable life of St. John of Damascus, cherishing his teachings and contributions to the Christian faith. Through his theological writings, hymnography, defense of icons, and unwavering faith, St. John remains an influential figure and a source of inspiration for believers around the world.

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