The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith

Jan 29, 2018

Discovering the Essence of Our Faith

Greetings and welcome to Central Baptist Church's website, where we delve into the inspiring teachings and foundation of our faith through the lens of the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

A Testament to Our Beliefs

As a Christian community, Central Baptist Church embraces the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as an essential guide to our beliefs and practices. Drafted originally in 1677 and finalized in 1689, this comprehensive document serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the principles of the Baptist faith.

Unveiling the Historical Significance

The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith holds a significant place in the annals of Christian history. It was a response to the Westminster Confession, highlighting specific Baptist distinctives while reaffirming the core doctrines shared with other Reformed traditions.

Clarifying Our Doctrinal Foundations

Designed to elucidate our doctrinal foundations, this Confession provides a detailed exposition of our beliefs on subjects such as the authority of Scripture, the nature of God, the work of Christ, salvation, the church, and much more. It serves as a compass guiding our theological perspectives, shaping our worship services, and unifying our congregation.

Exploring the Confession's Chapters

Chapter 1: The Holy Scriptures

Our Confession begins with an exploration of the Holy Scriptures, affirming the divine inspiration, authority, and infallibility of God's Word. It highlights the unparalleled role of Scripture in guiding our faith and instructing us in matters of salvation.

Chapter 2: God and the Holy Trinity

In this chapter, we delve into the nature of God and the Holy Trinity. It emphasizes the triune nature of God, providing a profound glimpse into the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and their harmonious roles in creation, redemption, and sanctification.

Chapter 3: God's Decree

God's sovereign decree is examined in this section, affirming His divine foreknowledge and predestination. It explores the grand tapestry of God's master plan for the universe, assuring believers of His unwavering control over all things.

Chapter 4: Creation

Our Confession dedicates a chapter to the doctrine of creation, outlining God's perfect work and the establishment of all things. It upholds the biblical account of creation against opposing views, solidifying our faith in the Creator and His wisdom.

Chapter 5: Divine Providence

Divine providence, God's continual care and governance over His creation, is detailed in this chapter. It inspires gratitude and trust in Him, knowing that He faithfully upholds and directs the events of history in accordance with His purposes.

Chapter 6: The Fall of Man

This section reflects on the fall of man, tracing humanity's descent into sin and its dire consequences. It brings to light the desperate need for God's redemptive plan, ultimately leading to the hope found in Christ's sacrifice.

Chapter 7: God's Covenant

God's covenant, a binding agreement between Him and His people, is explored in this chapter. It highlights the unconditional love and faithfulness of God, exemplified in various biblical covenants throughout salvation history.

Chapter 8: Christ the Mediator

This chapter magnifies Christ as the mediator between God and humanity, elaborating on His perfect humanity and deity. It unveils the depth of His atoning sacrifice and His ongoing intercession for His beloved people.

Chapter 9: Free Will

The concept of free will is discussed within the confines of God's sovereignty in this chapter. It elucidates the intricacies of God's complete control over all events while affirming human responsibility and accountability.

Chapter 10: Effectual Calling

Effectual calling, God's powerful and irresistible invitation to salvation, is expounded in this section. It emphasizes the transformative work of the Holy Spirit, who quickens the hearts of sinners and enables them to respond to God's grace.

Chapter 11: Justification

Our Confession delves into the doctrine of justification, declaring that sinners are declared righteous by faith alone. It affirms the imputed righteousness of Christ and rejects any notion of justification by works.

Chapter 12: Adoption

The concept of adoption, whereby believers are graciously received as children of God, is celebrated in this chapter. It highlights the privileges, blessings, and responsibilities that come with being part of God's family.

Chapter 13: Sanctification

Sanctification, the ongoing process of being conformed to the image of Christ, is explored in this section. It underscores the necessity of holiness, enabled by the Holy Spirit, and the pursuit of righteous living.

Chapter 14: Saving Faith

The Confession affirms the importance of saving faith in this chapter, emphasizing the role of faith as the instrument of justification. It clarifies the nature and essential components of a true, living faith.

Chapter 15: Repentance and Salvation

The vital connection between repentance and salvation is addressed in this section. It elucidates the necessity of genuine repentance, accompanied by heartfelt sorrow for sin and a turning away from it, as part of the salvation experience.

Chapter 16: Good Works

Our Confession acknowledges the significance of good works as the fruit of a transformed life. It emphasizes the divine enablement that empowers believers to live lives of obedience and love, reflecting God's grace in their actions.

Chapter 17: The Perseverance of the Saints

This chapter deals with the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints, asserting that God's elect will persevere in faith and ultimately be saved. It provides comfort and assurance to believers, affirming God's faithfulness and the security of their salvation.

Chapter 18: Assurance of Grace and Salvation

The concept of assurance of grace and salvation is addressed in this section, reminding believers of the confidence they can have in their relationship with God. It offers guidance on cultivating this assurance and overcoming doubts.

Chapter 19: The Law of God

The Confession delves into the moral law of God, differentiating it from the ceremonial and civil laws of the Old Testament. It emphasizes the enduring relevance of God's moral principles for believers, guiding their conduct and promoting righteousness.

Chapter 20: The Gospel and Its Extent

This chapter illuminates the extent of the gospel and its universal offer of salvation. It sheds light on the relationship between the preached gospel and the gathered church, stirring a deep appreciation for the evangelistic mission of God's people.

Chapter 21: Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience

The Confession addresses the important topics of Christian liberty and liberty of conscience in this section. It affirms the freedom believers have in Christ while outlining its limitations, promoting love and mutual consideration within the body of Christ.

Chapter 22: Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day

The significance of religious worship and Sabbath observance is discussed in this chapter. It outlines the principles and practices of genuine worship, providing guidance on the proper observance of the Lord's Day.

Chapter 23: Lawful Oaths and Vows

Lawful oaths and vows, their nature, and their lawful use are explored in this section. It promotes honesty, integrity, and the honoring of commitments made in God's name.

Chapter 24: Civil Government

This chapter touches upon the role of civil government as ordained by God. It encourages believers to submit to governing authorities while acknowledging the ultimate authority of God over all human institutions.

Chapter 25: Marriage

The sanctity of marriage and its binding nature are emphasized in this chapter. It affirms the biblical definition of marriage and emphasizes the lifelong commitment between one man and one woman.

Chapter 26: The Church

The nature and purpose of the church are discussed in this section. It elucidates the essential elements of a true church, the role of church officers, and the importance of the sacraments as means of grace.

Chapter 27: The Communion of Saints

This chapter reflects on the fellowship and communion of the saints, emphasizing the interdependence and mutual care among believers. It encourages a spirit of unity and cooperation within the body of Christ.

Chapter 28: Baptism and the Lord's Supper

The Confession explores the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's Supper in this chapter. It explains their significance, purpose, and proper administration, focusing on the edification and spiritual nourishment they provide to believers.

Chapter 29: Baptism

The doctrine of baptism is further expounded in this section. It clarifies the mode, subjects, and biblical basis for baptism, stressing the importance of baptism as a sign and seal of the covenant of grace.

Chapter 30: The Lord's Supper

This chapter delves into the doctrine and practice of the Lord's Supper. It explores its scriptural significance, the elements involved, and the spiritual benefits experienced by partaking in this solemn ordinance.

Chapter 31: The State of Man after Death and the Resurrection of the Dead

The Confession addresses the state of man after death and the resurrection of the dead in this chapter. It provides comforting assurance regarding the future resurrection of believers and the eternal destinations of both the righteous and the wicked.

Chapter 32: The Last Judgment

This chapter contemplates the final judgment, emphasizing the righteous judgment of God upon all humanity. It underscores the eternal consequences of this judgment and the hope believers have in the salvation secured by Christ.

Chapter 33: The Final State of the Righteous and the Wicked

In this section, the Confession delineates the final states of the righteous and the wicked. It paints a vivid picture of the eternal bliss of believers in the presence of God and the unimaginable anguish of the impenitent in separation from Him.

Join Us on This Journey

Central Baptist Church invites you to embark on a journey of discovery through the profound teachings of the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. Together, let us explore the rich tapestry of our faith, deepen our understanding of God's Word, and grow in our love for Him.

With an unwavering commitment to biblical truth, Central Baptist Church continues to proclaim the timeless message of salvation through faith in Christ. Join our vibrant faith community as we seek to honor God in all aspects of life and proclaim His love to the world.

Whether you are a long-time follower of Christ or someone seeking answers, we welcome you to explore the depths of the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith with us. Together, let us grow in knowledge, unity, and devotion as we seek to impact our world for God's glory.