Powerful Prayer of São Bento to Overcome Envy

Oct 14, 2023


Welcome to Jovens Católicos! Today, we want to share with you the powerful prayer of São Bento against envy, or Oração São Bento contra inveja. Envy can be a destructive force that hinders personal growth and harmony in relationships, but with the help of this prayer, you can overcome it and invite positive energy into your life.

The Significance of São Bento

São Bento, also known as Saint Benedict, was a devout Christian who lived during the 5th century. He is revered as the founder of the Benedictine Order and is known for his wisdom, miracles, and his ability to provide divine protection against evil forces.

The Prayer of São Bento against Envy

The Oração São Bento contra inveja is a powerful prayer that seeks intercession from Saint Benedict to protect us from envy, jealousy, and negative energies. By reciting this prayer with faith and devotion, we can overcome these negative emotions and attract positive blessings into our lives. Here is the prayer:

Oração São Bento contra inveja

A Cruz sagrada seja a minha luz,

Não seja o dragão o meu guia.

Retira-te satanás!

Nunca me aconselhes coisas vãs.

É mal o que tu me ofereces.

Bebe tu mesmo os teus venenos.


Meaning of the Prayer

The Oração São Bento contra inveja is a plea for protection and guidance against the temptations and negative influences that envy can bring. By invoking the holy cross, we ask for Saint Benedict's intercession to keep us away from evil and to help us make wise and virtuous decisions in our lives. This prayer serves as a reminder that material possessions and worldly desires should not dictate our actions.

Using the Prayer Effectively

To make the most out of the Oração São Bento contra inveja, it is important to recite it with sincerity, faith, and devotion. Here are some tips to use this prayer effectively:

1. Find a Quiet and Peaceful Place

Choose a calm and serene environment where you feel comfortable and can connect with your inner self. This will help you focus better during your prayer.

2. Clear Your Mind

Before starting the prayer, take a few moments to clear your mind of any distractions or negative thoughts. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the prayer and its meaning.

3. Recite with Conviction

When reciting the prayer, do it with conviction, believing in the power of São Bento's intercession. Let your words come from the depths of your heart, and trust that Saint Benedict is listening and granting you protection.

4. Repeat Regularly

The effectiveness of this prayer lies in repetition. Make it a habit to recite the Oração São Bento contra inveja regularly, embracing it as a daily practice. Consistency in your prayer will strengthen your connection with Saint Benedict and amplify the benefits it brings.


The Oração São Bento contra inveja is a powerful tool to combat envy and negative energies. By seeking the intercession of São Bento, we invite positive blessings and protection into our lives. Remember to recite this prayer with faith and devotion, and make it a consistent practice. Let the wisdom of this prayer guide you towards a life filled with positivity, harmony, and spiritual growth. May the divine light of Saint Benedict always shine upon you.

oração sao bento contra inveja
Craig Reed
Muito obrigado pela dica! 🌟🔥🙏
Oct 29, 2023
David Geisinger
Ótima oração para afastar a inveja e atrair energia positiva. Recomendo a todos! 🌟🔥🙏
Oct 26, 2023
Brandon Panaro
🙏💪 A oração de São Bento realmente tem um poder incrível! 🌟🔥
Oct 22, 2023
Marianne Naraga
🙏💪 A prece de São Bento é incrivelmente poderosa! 👍
Oct 19, 2023