Welcome to the North Bronx Church of Christ in New York

Oct 3, 2023


The North Bronx Church of Christ, a key member of the Faith Christian Coalition, is a thriving religious organization based in the Bronx, New York. We are proud to offer a warm and inclusive community for individuals seeking spiritual growth, divine guidance, and a place to connect with fellow believers.

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As one of the prominent religious organizations in the Bronx, we aim to provide a sanctuary for all who seek God's presence. Whether you are new to the Christian faith or have been a devoted follower for years, our congregation offers a range of programs and activities to deepen your spiritual connection.

Discover the North Bronx Church of Christ Experience

At the North Bronx Church of Christ, we believe in the power of community and fostering an environment where individuals can grow both spiritually and personally. Our dedicated leadership team and passionate members strive to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and meaningful worship.

Powerful Sermons

Our church is known for delivering thought-provoking and uplifting sermons that accompany our members throughout their spiritual journey. Our experienced and knowledgeable pastors deliver messages rooted in biblical teachings, providing guidance and insight for everyday life.

Spiritual Growth

We are committed to supporting our members' spiritual growth with a wide range of programs and resources. From Bible study groups to discipleship classes, we offer opportunities for individuals to deepen their understanding of Christ's teachings and develop a personal relationship with Him.

Uplifting Worship Services

Our church services are filled with praise, worship, and genuine fellowship. Each Sunday, our congregation gathers together to celebrate the love of God through inspiring musical performances, heartfelt prayers, and engaging messages. Join us as we come together to honor, glorify, and adore the Lord.

Join Our Welcoming Community

At the North Bronx Church of Christ, we embrace diversity and welcome all individuals, regardless of their background, race, or cultural heritage. Our goal is to create an inclusive community where everyone feels valued and loved, understanding that unity in Christ transcends any differences.

Get Involved

If you're looking to get involved and serve alongside fellow believers, we offer various ministries and volunteer opportunities that cater to different interests and gifts. From community outreach programs to youth activities, there is something for everyone to actively participate and make a positive impact.

Visit Us Today

Join us at the North Bronx Church of Christ and experience the joy of genuine Christian fellowship. Our services take place at FCCBronx.org, where you can find our schedule and additional information about our church. We look forward to welcoming you and embarking on a transformative journey of faith together.

north bronx church of christ in new york
John Brinkley
Excited to join! 🙌🌟
Nov 8, 2023
Suhas Gund
🌟Looking forward to being part of the uplifting journey with the North Bronx Church of Christ community! See you soon!🙏✨
Nov 6, 2023
Ryan Wineteer
Looking forward to joining the North Bronx Church of Christ community for uplifting worship! 🙌
Nov 3, 2023
Matthew Lower
Ready to worship together! 🙏
Oct 29, 2023
Sally Derstine
Excited! 🙌
Oct 25, 2023
Kobrien Kobrien
Looking forward!
Oct 20, 2023
Ebuah Sang
Count me in! 🙌 Can't wait to make new friends.
Oct 14, 2023
Randy Clark
That sounds wonderful! Can't wait to join the fellowship 🙏
Oct 7, 2023
Judy Martinez
Looking forward to experiencing the fellowship at this church! 🙏
Oct 4, 2023